Travel sickness

June 18

The excitement of going on holiday can often be spoiled by the worry or effects of travel. Motion sickness, jet lag or travel anxiety can have a significant impact on your and your family’s experience and enjoyment.

No need to worry. These frequently used natural remedies are proven to make a difference:

TRAVEL SICKNESS:  Travel or motion sickness, known medically as kinetosis - occurs when there is a misunderstanding between the eye, the brain and the balance systems of the inner ear. The brain can be confused by the fact that although the body is still, you are still on the move, albeit in a car, aircraft or boat.

The most common symptom of travel sickness is nausea, although other symptoms may include sweating, drooling, headaches and shivering. Motion sickness can also be triggered by anxiety or strong smells, such as food or petrol. 

Cocculus Indicus works well for all types of motion sickness, including car- and seasickness. It is even effective if you feel nauseous while watching a car or boat in motion, without being in the vehicle! Cocculus covers many travel sickness symptoms including feeling faint, vomiting and being hypersensitive to the smell of food. 

JET LAG: The natural trauma remedy Arnica doubles up as a great jet lag remedy. Higher potencies such as 200c and 1m work best taken before and after travel. Prepared from unroasted coffee the remedy Coffea Cruda is particularly effective for difficulty sleeping after the excitement of travel, especially if you are restless with an overactive mind.

ANXIETY: – Mild to moderate travel anxiety including fear of flying and anticipation about strange and far-off places can be helped by Kali Phos. 6x Tissue Salts or Bach Rescue Remedy. Both are available from your nearest health food store.

DELHI BELLY – For those travelling outside of Europe so-called “delhi belly” is always a risk. It is advisable to drink bottled water, eat hot, freshly cooked food, avoid fresh fruit, salads and vegetables unless they come in a protective skin eg. oranges, bananas, and to use hand sanitiser regularly. However, if you do suffer from acute diarrhoea or dysentery with stomach cramps, exhaustion and loss of appetite, Hollarrhena Antidysenterica can ease the symptoms. Ensure that you maintain your fluid, salt and sugar levels and find a reputable doctor if symptoms do not improve.

CONSTIPATION – Many of us suffer with constipation on holiday, possibly as a result of dehydration, change of diet or change of routine. Nux Vomica 30c works well to regulate the digestive system and doubles up as a “hangover cure”, after overindulgence and “burning the candle”. It’s the perfect clubbers cure!

Be prepared and have a happy, healthy and safe journey.

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