November 16

As a result of over-prescription of antibiotics, the United Nations has recently announced Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) as “one of the biggest threats to humanity”. As we are told that there are no new antibiotics in the pipeline, it is useful, indeed important, for us to consider viable alternatives for those conditions where antibiotics may not be offered or be effective in the future (generally viral infections).

In my experience it is entirely possible, to aid recovery and restore health and wellbeing, without the need for antibiotics. For over 15 years, I have repeatedly found homeopathic remedies to be safe and effective for colds, flu and fever. Stronger immunity and less recurrence of these seasonal illnesses, can be an added benefit. By using an alternative to antibiotics, where possible, there is the potential to positively impact on the growing risk of antimicrobial resistance, while recognising the benefit of antibiotic medications, in cases of more serious need.

So if you or a family member are suffering with a winter cold, flu or fever, these are my Favourite Five medicines. 

  • • ACONITUM NAPELLUS: For a flu with sudden high fever, accompanied by a burning thirst, restlessness, anxiety and intolerable pains. Also effective for sudden onset of croup.


  • • ALIUM CEPA: The “onion remedy” is perfect for a streaming cold with a persistent runny nose, watery eyes and sneezing


  • • BELLADONNA: Ideal for a congestive “head cold” or flu with intermittent fever. Symptoms include a throbbing headache, red eyes, hot head and cold feet. The temperature may rise and fall, while the patient can be in a state of delirium and hypersensitive to touch, sound and light.


  • • EUPERTORIUM PERFOLIATUM: For a flu characterised by severe bone pains in all parts of the body. The pains come and go quickly and are accompanied by an insatiable thirst, chill and fever.


  • • GELSEMIUM: For a slow, sluggish fever, accompanied by a dull, dizzy, drowsy feeling, weakness and trembling. The scalp can be sore to touch and the patient is thirstless.


The onset of fever often strikes fear into the hearts of many parents. However, it is worth noting that a general fever (a rise in body temperature to around 38°/39°C) has a vital immune function, and in most cases, it benefits recovery to let it take its’ natural course. For a persistent fever over 39°C seek medical advice. 

To aid RECOVERY it is always advisable to REST, RECUPERATE & REHYDRATE

These remedies may be available at your local health food store. It is always advisable to contact your registered homeopath before administering remedies

For more information contact Daniela Karsten, RS.Hom., Dip. Hom. ACH, your local registered homeopath © Daniela Karsten






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