The Vast Unplanned Social Experiment!

October 17

The vast unplanned social experiment
The Internet and the always-on connected world is changing how we interact and according to some we are at the beginning of a vast unplanned social experiment. 
Do we really know how the Smartphone and the Internet will change the lives of individuals who are born into this age? So much is changing and so quickly.  
We will always want the very best for our children. Even before the baby is born an expectant mother is careful about her health, attends prenatal classes, visits the  hospital and plays favorite music to the unborn child. 
Once the baby is home, the support that was previously provided might not always be there - especially at 3am for a feed or nappy change. Fortunately however - there’s the Smartphone!  Whilst feeding baby the nursing mother can check emails, keep up with social media, watch a favorite TV programme or listen to music. All of this can be done without looking at the feeding baby. The Smartphone has the power of distraction like no other technological device! 
We are a social species and we develop best when we are stimulated in a real interactive setting with real people. Babies that have regular and continuous human interaction are proven to develop cognitive and language skills quicker than those that do not. Nature is responsible for providing the building blocks of life and nurture is responsible for creating the opportunity to fully exploit what nature has instigated. 
Simple things such as bonding eye contact at baby stage, the happy smile and hug at nursery stage, and the expectant eye contact at the school gates all signal that they are loved and that you are there. 
There is no such thing as a clingy or needy baby. Such a baby is simply one that is socially connected to you. With nurturing and love the clingy baby becomes one that is socially aware and participating fully in all that society has to offer.
As a new parent all you can do is your very best - interact with your newborn baby personally, with love and care. Cherish those special moments of personal time together. Time can only be used once, put your Smartphone down and spend the time nurturing your baby. They will love you forever and your baby will develop with confidence becoming attuned with its peer group as they  progress through life to become an independent fulfilled adult achieving their aspirations.
For further reading pick up the book The Cyber Effect written by Mary Aiken ISBN 978-1-473-61025-5
Michael Christodoulides


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