Surviving the School Summer Break

June 18

The school holiday needs some careful planning. It can also have cost implications; days out can be expensive or you may need to budget for extra childcare while you work.  Whether your children are at home with you for the holiday, staying with relatives or attending an activity based provider, consider some of these as you begin to plan:

  • ¬ Aim for a balance of activity/down time.  It is not necessary to do something exciting every day. Children need to chill too.
  • ¬ Plan a budget – and stick to it.  Even trips to the forest or the park can have hidden costs such as car parking, ice creams etc
  • ¬ If you have access to a garden or balcony, help the children to plan and plant a mini garden.  This could be a small tub or growbag with some easy to grow plants. Lettuce and herbs will work well on a window sill and children will be able to measure them and care for them as they grow.
  • ¬ Have ‘days out at home’.  Encourage the children to help you plan and make a picnic.  Put a picnic rug out in the garden or even on the living room floor and enjoy something different together.
  • ¬ Bedroom make-over (aka tidy your room day) can be as simple as moving some furniture or making a new picture for the wall but may incorporate that long awaited tidy up or clear out.  Encourage children to be proud of themselves for taking no longer played with toys to the charity shop for someone else to enjoy.
  • ¬ Keep an eye on screen time; its great to be able to watch some TV or have a little longer than usual with an electronic game but this can lead to tiredness or boredom, especially as routines become disrupted.  
  • ¬ Take a walk everyday if you can; post a letter, walk to the supermarket or go to feed the ducks in the park.
  • ¬ Keep hydrated when you are out and about.  Carry a bottle of water with you- its cheaper to bring from home and more refreshing than buying sugary drinks.
  • ¬ Don’t forget the sun screen.  We don’t get much sun in England but it can be deceptive and young skin burns easily. 

Watch out for flyers and information about local events.  There will be activities going on at the local park, theatre or museum.  Have fun – and don’t forget to make time for you too!

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