Should I get my child into music?

September 17

Studies indicate that playing an instrument makes you smarter. It’s true, scientists say that those children who are exposed to music and learning an instrument, do better in school that those who don’t.  

As a music teacher who’s coached one-to-one and group music sessions for over 10 years, I can understand why this trend would be so. It’s the discipline to practice, the patience through challenging moments and the concentration that is required when learning an instrument, which can only have a positive effect on a child’s mind and teach them some valuable qualities for life. Furthermore, playing an instrument is something to be proud of. Whether an adult or child, that sense of achievement when we master a tricky session is immense and the satisfaction you feel is priceless. 

As I’m sure you’ve found as adults, music in any form can be a fundamental tool for relieving stress. Researches tell us how music releases dopamine in the brain and perhaps even more so with singing and group singing in particular. I run a series of local adult choirs across the region and without question, people leave happier than when they arrived as a result of the exhilarating experience of group singing and the wonderful music they’ve just created. Members (made up of the local community) tell me how they wished they’ve have been introduced to music as a child, how they would have loved to have had a little musical knowledge or could have enough ability to tinker about on a piano at will. 

Sometimes the opportunity to provide tuition for your child may not be straightforward for you. Even so, I actively encourage all parents to at least sing with their children and to engage and ask questions about the music that’s on TV, the radio or anywhere, anytime: Can you sing along with the tune? Can you clap the rhythm of the chorus? What instruments are playing in the background? How many singers are there?

Engage yourself, engage your child, and just enjoy music!

Duncan Rutherford

Music School Principal and Choir Leader

Somewhere 2 Sing


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