June 17

For separated parents, the summer holidays can be a logistical nightmare:  how to plan for that long summer break when the children are not at school or nursey?  In many separated families, both parents are working full or part time.  Whilst the ideal solution would be for both parents to take a turn in spending time with their children, or arranging for extended family to help out, in reality, the separation can often mean that mum and dad simply cannot talk about the practicalities without it resulting in an unpleasant argument or endless misunderstandings. 

An experienced mediator can help you and your ex-partner to avoid much of the stress by working with you both together to plan ahead in an organised and respectful way. This means that when the end of July arrives everyone will know what is happening: who will be spending time with whom, where and when.  Children will know what to expect and can look forward to the holidays without worrying that mum and dad will be tense and stressed because nothing has been agreed ahead of time. 

You can book an appointment for a Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM) with one of our highly experienced mediators. There is a fee for the MIAM meeting, but if you are on a low income we can assess you for legal aid: if you are eligible then the mediation process would be free.  If you do not qualify, we have a sliding scale of charges according to income.

You may also find it helpful to attend one of our FREE 4-hour workshops, the Separated Parents Information Programme (SPIP). 

The course provides:

Tips to help you to understand the different stages of the Loss Cycle that adults and children experience as a result of family breakdown

Suggestions to help you and your children to move forward

Ways to focus on what parents can do to help children manage family change

Strategies to help you to improve communication with your ex

The courses are run in Cambridge and in Peterborough, from 10.00–14.30. 

If you need help to take some of the stress out of Summer 2017, contact us now on 01223 576308 for more information about mediation and the other support services that we can offer. 


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