Play like a Pirate!

September 18

Argh me hearties! So yer ‘ere to learn the vast secrets of this sacred day that soon be upon us!?

International Talk like a pirate day falls on Wednesday 19th September.

This day offers an opportunity to not only mess around but to give something back. People can dress up as pirates and raise money for charities.
Make sure you grab yourself an eye patch, bandana, baggy shirt and a little toy parrot or monkey. Use awful grammar and jump right into that accent. You could even have a pirate-themed party with edible gold coins and balloon sword fights! Don’t forget to get out Treasure Island or Pirates of the Caribbean if you’re not feeling as academic.

If you are feeling energetic, try one of our favourite warm up games we use in our gymnastics classes called Captain’s Coming. 

How to play Captain’s Coming.

A person is the captain who will give orders to his crew of swashbuckling pirates.

Shout out Captain’s Coming, pirates must salute and shout aye aye captain.

The command at ease allows pirates to stand feet apart with hands grasped behind back.

Climb the rigging, pirates should vigorously make a climbing action

Swash the desk, get down on all fours and act out cleaning the floor

Exercise on deck, do jumping jacks.. . come on, get to it you lazy no good pirates!

Land ahoy! Act out viewing through a telescope and get excited, its time to jump ship!

Man overboard, lay on back and perform snow angels, then roll over and impersonate frantically swimming back to the ship.

Man the life boats, bunch up into small groups, if there are enough players,  and act out rowing a boat.

Shout captain’s daughter, pirates need to reply with ..OOH LA LA! 

Switch Captains and up the pace for more drama, fun and excitement. The better you act out the role of the pirate, the more fun the game will become.  Enjoy International Talk like a Pirate Day.






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