Picnic Tray Tortillas

June 18

Summer holidays are something I so look forward to, I even stop work for 6 weeks as there are too few years left before my 13yr old bird flies his nest! So I seek out as many cheap and free activities I can find, and it’s not hard with a little effort and internet trawling.

It makes it easy when we’re blessed with so many free open spaces for ballplay, frisbees, rounders, music festival chilling, scavenger hunting, and best of all a lush picnic. Make time to prepare simple homemade treats in advance, it’s cheaper, healthier and greener than buying overpackaged plastic-bound supermarket snacks.

A favourite choice for all tastes and ages is my Muffin Tray Tortillas - oven-baked Spanish omelettes which also make great lunch-box snacks. You need a muffin tray, 1-2 large potatoes (diced small), 1 onion (chopped) & 8 eggs. 

Makes 24 mini tortillas or 12 regular tortillas.

Oil the tray and heat oven to 350F/180C. 

Fry onion in olive oil till soft and golden. Add potatoes and stir. When crisp, tip onto paper towel to absorb excess oil. Whisk eggs in a large bowl, season with salt & pepper, maybe some paprika or herbs if you like. Add the cooked veg. Mix, and ladle into the tray holes. Cook for about 20 minutes until set. Cool while in the tray then twist and pop the little beauties out.

Even more delicious with favourite extras such as grated cheese sprinkled on the bottom, sun-dried tomatoes, chopped chorizo, blanched broccoli florets or spinach… whatever you fancy. How about a dollop of sassy salsa on the side?


I hope you try them ..

Happy Summer from Maxine Quinn at Quinntessential Catering.




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