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May 17

Navigate your family away from that screen!

How many of us feel our families should spend more time outside enjoying fresh air and exercise, interacting with the natural world and real live people?

Country parks, (such as Wandlebury near Cambridge), run many different activities providing opportunities for groups, schools and individuals of all ages to develop new interests and enthusiasm for their local environment. From bushcraft to plant identification, pond dipping to basket making or local history, making activities enjoyable, safe and memorable. 

Try out orienteering. Using a map and compass to navigate, you must visit a series of marked control posts in the right order where your ‘run’ is recorded.  Orienteering is an international sport, the aim of which is to cover the set route as quickly as possible by making wise route choices.

This could be the perfect exercise for those who lack the motivation to keep fit.  The map reading, the (excuse for) frequent stops to check a compass or plan the route, and the delight of successfully finding controls, whilst jogging through wonderful countryside, all serve as great distractions from a potentially hard slog. 

Orienteering can be as competitive as you want to make it and is suitable for all ages and abilities. You work out how to overcome unforeseen problems and frustrations, learning useful life skills,  above and beyond just running or using a map and compass. Whether you feel you’ve succeeded or failed on a particular course, you end up determined to do even better next time. 

Orienteering can provide quality time for all the family, anticipating together, racing independently, laughing and commiserating with each other. There are local orienteering clubs across the UK holding regular training sessions and events. Let them know you are new to orienteering so they can explain the basics to get you started safely!

Wandlebury Park orienteering course
Saturday 27th May
CambridgePPF also run very popular orienteering sessions for school groups Yr 3 and above, enquire via website or phone 01223 243830. 


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