Natural Remedies for Children's Emotional Health

April 18

Over millenia human beings have developed a range of emotions to respond to the world they live in. Most often these are useful, normal and in a state of relative balance. However, occasionally, and for a variety of reasons we may experience extreme or uncontrolled emotions that do not serve us and get in the way of us leading happy and fulfilling lives. 

As parents and carers we witness our growing children showing a variety of emotions. This can be particularly noticeable during periods of significant developmental or circumstantial change. Toddlers typically “tantrum” and teens express a spectrum of emotions, from anxiety and anger to apathy. Depending on the child, family break down and even starting school can similarly lead to periods of anxiety, anger or sadness.

During these phases of emotional stress and strain, children can benefit from natural remedies to help relieve their emotional sufferings while supporting long-term well-being. A well-chosen natural remedy can gently rebalance you child's emotional state, without any risk to health. Here is an introduction to some of most common used:


Chamomilla will be familiar to many parents as a natural teething remedy. However, it is also useful for angry, irritable and fussy children, who will only calm down when carried. Lachesis is for the anger of jealousy – maybe after a sibling is born. This child is critical, suspicious, contradictory and oversensitive. Natrum Mur is for the child who is sensitive to contradiction, dwells on past events, shuts themselves in their room to cry and does not want hugs or sympathy.  Staphisagria works best for cases of suppressed anger accompanied by a sense of injustice, while Calc. Phos. children are typically restless, reckless and rebellious.


Aconite and Arnica can be effectively used for anxiety after a shock or trauma. Aconite might be chosen if the child is in a constant state of fear and restlessness, not able to sleep at night. Known as the “what if” remedy Kali Phos works to relieve anticipatory anxiety and is particularly effective if the child feels drained by constant worry for what might happen. Exam nerves can be calmed by this remedy. Lycopodium works similarly to reduce nerves before public speaking or a performance. Calc Carb. is often prescribed for separation anxiety and is also ideal for children who overwork and overload themselves with tasks and anticipate problems. (

Lack of Confidence, Low Self-esteem

Teenagers regularly suffer from a lack of confidence and low self-esteem as they redefine themselves during the transition to adulthood. This has not been helped by the impact of social media. The following remedies are often given to restore lost confidence in a child. Anacardium is for lack of confidence due to abuse or physical humiliation. The child becomes hard and cold, has no feeling and may become emotionally detached and violent, displaying extremes of emotion. Gelsemium is for poor confidence due to anticipatory anxiety, weakness, illness or fright. The child may feel dull, drowsy, dizzy and lethargic, lacking the energy or motivation for life. Lycopodium is for poor confidence due to fear of being in public and Silicea is useful for the child who has “no grit”, poor self-esteem and is hypersensitive to their surroundings.

Sadness, Grief & Depression

Children get sad for many of the same reasons that adults do but may not be fully equipped to understand or work through these emotions without support. The remedy Aurum is for the loss of a very close relative to whom the child was extremely attached. When this relationship is lost, the child feels deeply depressed with nothing to live for. Ignatia is for acute, sudden, overwhelming, shocking grief; where the child feels like they are on an emotional rollercoaster changing frequently from one emotion to another. Phosphoric acid can be used when a child is experiencing physical symptoms, complete exhaustion and apathy as a result of emotional trauma. Pulsatilla or Wind Flower is particularly helpful for clingy, weepy children who are suffering with feelings of grief, loss and/or a sense of abandonment.

It is difficult to watch our children and loved ones suffer, and it can be a challenge to manage them or know how to help. Over 16 years of exclusive use of natural remedies for clients, their children and children of my own, I am convinced of their great benefit to restore emotional health and well-being. For more information visit

It is advisable to contact a registered homeopath before administering homeopathic remedies.

Daniela Karsten RS. Hom. Dip. Hom. ACH Your Local Registered Homeopath



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