Making Christmas Work for your Family

October 18

Making Christmas work for your family

We all want our families to enjoy the wonderful, magical, Christmas we see promoted in the media; smiling children, sparkling decorations and tables laden with delicious food. But….the reality can be a very different experience. Christmas can be stressful and sadly it is often a time of family conflict.

To make sure your family Christmas is enjoyable for everyone it is important to stay in control of a few things:

Finances – plan your budget and stick to it. Avoid running up large credit card bills that will take most of 2019 - or longer - to pay off. There really is no need for expensive gifts. Children will appreciate less expensive games, especially if mum and/or dad sit down to play them too. Similarly, plan Christmas food menus in advance and make good use of the leftovers so that food is not wasted. 

Family visits. If you are part of a separated, or blended, family - plan visits in advance. Everyone should be aware of times, dates and the finer details. Children may have two or more ‘Christmas Days’.

Separated parents may be experiencing Christmas on their own. Seek support from friends or volunteer at a local project rather than spend the holiday alone.

Alcohol - monitor alcohol intake and alternate each glass of festive spirit with a soft drink or water – over indulgence can lead to conflict and arguments.

Down time - children often find Christmas a really challenging time; the excitement and late nights can become too much… no wonder they get irritable and argumentative. They may be tired, overstimulated, overdosed on screen time and out of routine. Try to plan some quiet time for them – and the rest of the family. Wrap up warm, go for a walk, stomp in the mud or take a trip to the park. A little gentle exercise and fresh air will work wonders.

We all need support at times, and Christmas can be particularly stressful for families. If you are worried or need support please contact:

Aspects 01279 696842      Family Lives 0808 800 2222    Children’s Services 0300 123 4043


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