Love Your Clothes - Swap! Don’t Shop!

February 20

We all love adding new clothes to our wardrobes but before you head out to the sales or an online shop maybe you should consider the impact of the fashion industry on our environment.  Fast fashion has a hugely negative effect – water pollution, the use of toxic chemicals and increased levels of textile waste.  New research says that by the end of this decade, the second hand market will be 1.5 times bigger than the fast fashion market! So, now’s the time to get on board, give your existing clothes a second chance/home and consider buying second hand, swishing or hiring!

Did you know that 1/3 million tonnes of clothes end up in UK landfill?  Even the charity shops only sell a tiny proportion of what they receive and the remainder ends up discarded.   What can we do to reduce this waste?  The most effective thing to do is to keep your clothes longer! We are losing the skills to sew and repair and our busy lifestyles make us time poor so we carry on replacing perfectly good clothes with new ones!  Teach yourself and your children at the very least to sew on a button or badge – it might be a useful and necessary skill in the future.

Here’s how to shop the second hand market!

  1. Clothes swapping or swishing – set up an event, clothes swapping free and fun!
  2. Nearly new shops – good quality preloved clothes, shoes and leather goods, often designer brands at hugely reduced prices; visit BROOKS DRESS AGENCY in Saffron Walden; FRIENDS in Bishops Stortford; TREASURES ANTIQUES in Newmarket
  3. Charity Shops – great bargains to be found on every high street countrywide. Oxfam even has a superstore in Oxford and online shopping.  TRAID stores in London deal with clothing and sell on eBay.
  4. Hiring – for special event hire try in Elsenham; fancy dress and vintage costumes for adults children at affordable prices try of course!
  5. Vintage Fashion Fairs – countrywide fairs with fabulous vintage everything, see for Kilo and Affordable Fashion Fairs!

And finally, what about begging and borrowing…social media is great for that and will save you a few pennies too!



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