International Children's Book Day

March 19

Many local schools will be marking this occasion in some way; children will be delving into a popular book, not only reading it for themselves but also writing about it. What a brilliant way to inspire children and to promote these important skills.  The occasion does come with a health warning for parents though. Children get caught up in the excitement of dressing up as their favourite book character and suddenly the shops are full of ready-made costumes. The pressure is on. 
When book days first appeared, it was wonderful to see the array of ‘put together at home’ costumes, props the children had made and a copy of said book clutched firmly in one hand. Some were barely recognisable – but it all added to the fun.  
Schools now often see a procession of Spidermen, Harry Potters and Cinderellas.  These are indeed popular book characters…but how many of our younger children have actually read the books?  Are they relying on the film characters they know and love? As a die-hard Disney fan I make no apologies for my love of film, but the idea of Book Day is not to have the best costume, its about loving to read or hear a great story; checking back in the book for what the character wore, and how their personality is portrayed.  
I truly understand the time pressure busy families are up against and how tempting it is to buy that perfect costume.  But your child (and you!) might just score a few extra brownie points with an imperfect but carefully thought out ensemble thrown together at home.  Have fun!
Family life can be challenging at times.  Look out for our parent workshops:  “Teen Stress and Exams” and  “Moving on to Year 7”  among others.  
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