June 17

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With a piece of chalk, draw seven boxes.  The first line has one box;  the second line has two boxes above it.  The third line has one box above that, and the fourth line has two boxes, and so on. With the chalk, number these boxes one through to seven.  Every child playing then selects a small stone.  Decide who is going first, then each chld in turn attempts to throw their stone into the box marked one.  If the throw is successful, the child hops past  box one and hop-scotches to seven and back again collecting their stone on the way back.  If the throw is unsuccessful, the child forfeits his/her turn. Once you have achieved box one, you move on to box two, in the same go, until you miss a box.  The first child to successfully throw their stone into box seven, and hop all the way up, collect their stone and return, is the winner.

This game was my all-time favourite when I was young!

At Stortford Gymnastics we encourage regular activity, and we have 33 classes running throughout the week. Including Pre-School, recreation, reception and a  squad.

Our  aim is to encourage all children in the area to enjoy being physical.



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