Holiday travel kit!

June 17

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Have peace of mind with this natural selection of effective remedies to cover most holiday hazards! Safe and suitable for the whole family, most of these remedies can be bought from your local health store or ordered from your local homeopath at

Don’t leave home without it!

BITES & STINGS: Apis 30c tablets work for most bites & stings from bees, wasps and other creepy crawlies.

BUMPS & BRUISES: Arnica cream and/or tablets (6c/30c) are a perfect solution. Do not use on open wounds.

CUTS & GRAZES: Calendula cream (or tablets(6c/30c) if the wound is deeper). Calendula is not only a natural antiseptic but has the added benefit of reducing scarring.

JETLAG: Just another great use for Arnica. Take 30c for 24 hours before travel and for another 24 hours on arrival at your destination.

STRAINS & SPRAINS: Arnica cream and/or tablets(6c/30c) dependent on the severity of the sprain

SUNBURN: Calendula cream or tablets(6c/30c) if the sunburn is more severe. Calendula is an effective after sun lotion, as is Aloe Vera Gel. 

TRAVEL SICKNESS: Cocculus 30c works a treat for any type of motion sickness.

TUMMY TROUBLES: Arsenicum Album 12c is perfect for tummy troubles from food poisoning to stomach bugs. Nux Vomica is more suited to tummy troubles as a result of overindulgence or “burning the candle” – it is often referred to as a “hangover cure”. It is also effective for “traveller’s constipation”.


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