Gymnastics for everyone

November 19

Gymnastics Is For Everyone.

Scientific researchers debate that gymnastics is the most difficult sport in the world! Despite how hard the sport is, gymnastics for recreation is one of the most popular activities for young children, especially girls but also with young boys. 

Although fun is a main factor, those who participate should experience a more disciplined environment where there is a need to focus in order to learn and progress. Flexibility, coordination and balance will develop and every small achievement will help to enhance confidence. It’s proven that skills acquired through gymnastics participation are widely transferrable in life skills. Physical strength and agility, proprioception, spatial awareness,  cognitive, social and emotional development are all evident through participation.

Recreational gymnastics is more an activity than a sport. Lots of times parents put their son or daughter into a gymnastics class to get in or stay in shape, or to learn some of the basic skills. Gymnastics at recreational level offers more opportunities for more people, providing an opportunity to focus on fun, fitness, friendship and fundamentals.

Recreational gymnastics is not mandatory, it’s social, fun and for exercise. It offers a fantastic experience where participants get to sample the diverse range of physical activities offered by the sport. Foundation skills are taught, practiced and mastered at a recreational level. In recreational gymnastics, if someone is not physically capable of straightening his or her arms or legs in a cartwheel, it’s okay.

Children get the opportunity to learn how to move across a high beam, jump over relatively high objects, swing on bars, support themselves and perform some of the fundamental skills. Both girls and boys use all the equipment. They are not restricted to just male or female classes. This provides the opportunity for coed involvement. Coaches lead group warm-ups where both girls and boys run and stretch together. This creates social interaction for them. At the end of classes, girls and boys get back together for fun conditioning activities or games.

Recreational classes tend to emphasize fun-filled ideas for skill growth which results in a big learning adventure each session. 

Participants come from a variety of backgrounds, process things differently and learn things uniquely. A whole rotation can be set up for only cartwheel drills and participants may not even realize it. By the end of a practice, participants in the class could potentially know how to do a cartwheel by themselves.

For both boys and girls, gymnastics can become a challenge and many loose interest and drop out.  For both genders lots of the time skills become too difficult, social activities outside school and the gym become more important or they simply don’t want to do it anymore. Skills acquired from recreational gymnastics can be transferred to other disciplines like Trampolining, Acro, Tumble and Cheer. Nonetheless gymnastics is still found as a fun activity for both boys and girls because it is out of the ordinary. 


Stortford Gymnastics offers recreational classes in general gymnastics, pre-school, tumbling, acro and trampolining.




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