Going Plastic Free

November 18

Going Plastic Free

2018 has emerged as the year when we wage war upon plastic! 

 A growing evidence base tells us that plastic can negatively impact our health, with a particular concern regarding Bisphenol-A (BPA). Plastics also pose a huge problem for our environment. Every day we buy 35.8 million water bottles and a massive 16 million of these end up in landfill and ultimately, our seas. 

We appreciate going plastic free isn’t always easy, so we have put together our guide with top tips:

1. At home

Swap your plastic straws for biodegradable bamboo or stainless steel straws.

Opt for loose leaf tea or choose more ethical brands e.g. Pukka, Teapigs. Around 160 million teabags are thrown away every day in the UK and many are made with polypropylene.

Replace cling film in your kitchen with beeswax wraps. 

Use refillable washing up liquid and washing powder. 

Choose eco sanitary products as many big brand names are both wrapped in and contain plastic.

Invest in a metal razor. 

Opt for biodegradable wet wipes (Natracare or Attitude).

2. Children

Send your children to school with stainless steel water bottles.

Insulated lunch bags provide a great alternative to plastic ones.

Choose nappy brands such as Naty or Kit & Kin which made using non-toxic organic cotton.

3. On the go

Keep an attractive tote bag folded up in your handbag to have to hand when out shopping. 

Say no thank you to receipts. Did you realise that receipts are coated in a thin layer of plastic? 

Swap your daily takeaway tea coffee cup for your own stylish reusable cup.  


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