Free sanitary products in all primary schools

July 19

Free sanitary products will be offered to girls in all primary schools in England from early next year, in addition to secondary schools and colleges.

Extending the programme to primary schools follows feedback from teachers, students and parents, and the Department for Education is now working with key stakeholders in the public and private sector to roll-out the programme in a cost-effective manner that supports girls and young women across the country.

The announcement was welcomed by charities and campaigners who said it was “fantastic news”.

Isla, 19, a member of Girlguiding’s panel of Advocates, said:

A third (30%) of girls aged 11-21 told Girlguiding they have missed school or college because of their period. That’s unacceptable.  Every girl should have access to something so basic. Free menstrual products in primary schools will help make period poverty a thing of the past.

It’ll also help break down the stigma girls deal with every month. Too many people think periods are a secret or something to be ashamed of. But giving primary school girls access to tampons and pads will help break the taboo of periods from a young age.

Taken from press release dated 16 April 2019



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