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June 18

Hi everyone, welcome back to Freddie’s Kitchen. We are 3 kids, and a dog, trying to teach other kids how easy it is to cook. Today we wanted to share with you a recipe to add a bit of Spanish sunshine to your day so here’s our Easy Peasy Paella.

 You will need: (for a family of 5)

2 chicken breasts

¼ of a chorizo or if you don’t like chorizo you can use 1 pack of bacon pieces 

A large cupful of paella rice

380ml chicken stock

A large handful of peas

1 pack of prawns (if you don’t like prawns you can leave them out)

1 pack of paella seasoning (available from most herb sections in most supermarkets)


Let’s cook!

Cut your chicken and chorizo into small chunks (don’t forget to wash your hands after)

Chuck the chicken in the pan and cook on the hob on a high heat for 5 mins

Add the chorizo or bacon and cook for about 10 mins

Sprinkle paella seasoning all over

Turn down the heat and add the chicken stock

Give it a stir

Chuck in the peas and prawns (if you’re using them)

Give it a stir

Add the paella rice

Give it a good stir

Turn down the heat

Cover with a lid or shiny foil and leave to cook for 10 mins

Carefully lift the lid or foil and give it another good stir

Put the lid or foil back on and leave to cook for another 10 mins

Carefully lift the lid or foil again and give it another stir

When the paella rice has soaked up all the yummy juice you’re Easy Peasy Paella is ready!

Serve with crusty bread and ENJOY!


If you want to watch the Freddie’s Kitchen gang making Easy Peasy Paella, as well as lots of other recipes, please check out our YouTube channel, Freddie’s Kitchen.



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