Foolproof St Clements Cake recipe

February 20

Days are getting longer, smiles are getting bigger as Spring is in the air; the season after the chill and darkness of Winter. We tend to be outdoors more – maybe picnics on the Norfolk coast, walking & den-making in woods, park life (now the ground isn’t a mud slide!) As wonderful as these family jaunts are there is the unseen element of magical unseen parental organization, like room clearing, clothes washing & cooking limitless meals.

So as a thought for Mother’s Day (22nd March) how about being cooked for? even if it’s just a simple treat? Here’s one of my simplest and delicious cake recipes I bake quite often. It’s full of flavor, light as a feather, & gluten and dairy free too! So trust your mini chefs in the kitchen while you put your feet up. You’re rewarded with a Mother’s Day sweet treat, they’re rewarded with confidence & pride.



Foolproof St Clements Cake recipe

2 large oranges & 2 unwaxed lemons

6 eggs – separated into yolks & whites

250g caster sugar

300 grams of ground almonds


Boil water in a pan, & simmer whole fruits for 1& half hours with pan lid on. Make sure water covers the fruit. When cooked, cool, cut into quarters and remove pips. Puree the entire fruit! including the peel! in a food processor till you get a fluffy pulp. Heat oven to 180C. Line & grease a large cake tin, with a removable base if possible.

Whisk egg yolks & sugar together till light & fluffy. Fold in almonds, then fruit puree till thoroughly blended. Now whisk the egg whites in a clean bowl. till stiff with pinch of salt, fold into the mix keeping as light as possible. Pour into cake tin and cook for 1 hour, or until golden on top & cooked right through. Cool in tin, then turn out on a beautiful plate.

You could make a sticky lemon syrup from juice & icing sugar to pour over, or simply serve with fresh berries, lashings of thick cream, or halved and filled with yummy lemon curd.

I hope you enjoy and wish you a wonderful Springtime from Maxine at Quinntessential Catering


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