Ear Infections

September 17

Any parent of a child who has suffered with an ear infection knows how painful and distressing a condition it can be. Middle ear infection or Otitis Media, is a common complaint, commonly affecting babies and young children. This is because children have a shorter Eustacian Tube connecting the middle ear to the throat, which is particularly prone to becoming clogged with mucus and becomes a breeding ground for bacteria.

It is also a truism that the pain from ear infections and inflammation start in the middle of the night when doctor’s surgeries and pharmacies are closed, and antibiotics are out of reach.

One tip for managing “middle-of-the-night” ear pain is to apply a few drops of warmed garlic and mullein oil in the ear to soothe the pain. Garlic oil can be squeezed from a pierced garlic capsule, which along with mullein oil can be bought from your local health food store. Do not use if the ear drum has ruptures or grommets are in place. 

It may be also useful to know that in this age of antimicrobial antibiotic resistance, four studies showed that natural homeopathic remedies, worked faster than antibiotics. When correctly prescribed symptoms improved rapidly. One of the trials concluded that children whose earaches were treated with homeopathy were less likely to have their infection return. Many children with glue ear have also avoided the need for grommets as a result of using these remedies.

The following scenarios taken from live cases cover the symptoms to look for in 3 of the most commonly used remedies.


Four year old Ruby was grizzly, very clingy with changeable moods. She was running a fever, her cheeks were flushed and there was some yellow discharge from her ear canal. Her symptoms worsened at night, in the warmth and improved when she was outside or in cooler conditions. She had little thirst. Ruby benefited from Pulsatilla.


Five year old Ivan regularly suffered with ear ache following a cold, which then developed into glue ear. He was a well built, blond child with a large round head, which would be covered in sour smelling sweat at night. He could be anxious, but also stubborn, craving sweet things and egg with a sensitivity to milk. Ivan benefited from Calcarea Carbonicum


Eighteen month old Harry suddenly developed ear ache with a high temperature. A usually placid boy, Harry became extremely restless, fretful and often frantic with pain. His ear was very sensitive to touch. It was noticed that he had an increased thirst, and that his symptoms escalated during the night, when he was difficult to settle and sleep. Harry benefited from Aconitum Napellus

Unlike antibiotics, homeopathic remedies are not generic but are matched to a person’s specific personal symptoms, and can be used safely for babies, children (not forgetting their parents/carers). 

For more information on suitable medicines contact Daniela Karsten RS. Hom., Dip Hom ACH, your local registered homeopath, www.homeopathessex.com. It is advisable to contact a registered homeopath (www.homeopathessex.com) before administering remedies, and to visit your GP if symptoms persist, or if you have any concerns. © Daniela Karsten RS. Hom., Dip. Hom ACH & Bach Flower Practitioner



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