Dads and Families

April 18

Sunday 17th June is Fathers’ Day; time for Dads to put their feet up and enjoy being spoilt.  (“But they already have the remote control!” I hear every woman cry.)  

The role of ‘dad’ in modern family life is not always straight forward.  About 1 in every 4 families in the UK is a single parent family.  Many children grow up with dad living in another home, or with no dad at all.  Others have a ‘new’ dad or step dad.  Some children from separated families see dad weekly, every two weeks, occasionally or hardly ever.  Some dads have two families; some dads do not see their children at all.  Family life is complex!

If your child’s dad does not live at home, try to think of ways your child could still acknowledge Fathers’ day.  As painful as this might be for mums who have been let down or badly treated by their ex, it is important to set good examples to our children and encourage them to have a positive relationship with their dad – as long as it is safe to do so.  If you plan ahead, it may be possible to ensure your child gets to spend time with their dad on the day even if it’s not ‘their’ weekend.  Keep children informed about arrangements so they know what to expect and encourage them to enjoy the time with their dad.

If your child has no contact with their father, consider helping them to make or send a card to another supportive male; a grandparent or uncle perhaps.  And if you are a dad who cannot see their child on Fathers’ Day try to organise something to keep you busy for the day.

Family life can be tough for all of us.  Do contact us to see how we can help. 

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