Boost Your Childs Immune System This Winter!!!

January 19

Boost Your Childs Immune System This Winter!!!

Getting coughs and colds is normal in the winter. Together with hydration, sleep, exercise and good hand washing; giving children enough of the nutrients important for a healthy immune system, can help keep bugs away! 

Nutrients, are most effective when consumed in the whole food so below are some tips to ensure your child is getting enough of them. 

Eat ‘5 a day’ (aim for 7!). ‘1 portion’ would fill your hand, as example; 10 black berries for an adult, 3 for a small child. All fruit and veg have some Vitamin C needed for the white bloods cell. It’s especially rich in citrus fruit. This Vitamin is easily lost in heating and processing, so eat fresh and squeeze lemon juice on everything! 

Eat a rainbow! Dark green leafy vegrich in Vitamins A, K and folate; are anti-oxidant and antibacterial. Chop finely and add to meals if the kids are not keen on the bitter taste! Yellow and Orange foods like peppers and carrots contain B carotene, important for immune function. Foods red, purple and blue food in colour, such as pomegranate and berries have specific anti-oxidants that are antiviral and stimulate the immune system! 

Add Flavour daily as garlic and onions are a rich source of allicin and flavonoids stimulating the immune system. Ginger and turmeric have anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial qualities!

Think zinc which activates T cells, the cells that seek and destroy virus’. It found in shellfish as well as beef, nuts, beans and peas.

Nuts and seeds also contain 2 other immune hero’s; Vitamin Eand Oleic Acid. Use in baking, meals and cereals. Choose multi seed breads and crackers.

Chicken and turkey provides vitamin B6 for healthy red blood cells. The bones contain pro immune nutrients too, so boil for stocks. 

Dairy foods and eggs are rich in retinol, important for good mucous membrane, the barriers which prevent bugs getting in. Also, Vitamins B12 and D needed healthy blood.  

Diets high in fat and calories may cause immune triggers and can make you feel rubbish so the whole family can benefit from making positive choices!



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