Bed Wetting

October 17


Broken nights’ sleep, repeated washing cycles, anxiety and frustration may spell out bedwetting in your family. Bedwetting, also termed “nocturnal enuresis”can be an inconvenience, but in most cases, it’s perfectly normal, and is not generally considered an issue, or suitable for medical treatment in under 5’s. Urinary incontinence in teens and adults can be a symptom of underlying illness, and will more often require investigation and treatment.

Bedwetting in children is usually a result of normal bodily development and the natural maturation of the systems concerned. Along the way there may be an incoordination between one part of the urinary tract system and another. For example, your child may produce more wee then their bladder can cope with or they may be a deep sleeper, not reacting in time to signals that their bladder is full. Many children have “an accident” when deeply engrossed in an activity, ignoring the signals to go to the toilet or reaching the toilet too late! In some cases bedwetting may be have an underlying emotional causation, such as anxiety, or come on as a result of change. Starting school, fear of separation, bullying and even the birth of a sibling may trigger nocturnal enuresis.

PRACTICAL TIPS for coping with this phase include:

  • Reduce (or eliminate) drinks just before bed
  • Ensure your child empties their bladder before sleep
  • Reassure your child if they do wet the bed, that it’s not a problem. A problem for them can be become an additional problem for you
  • Take time to find out whether there is an underlying “emotional” trigger

In certain cases, for a number of reasons, it may be more difficult to find a solution to the bedwetting, and a short-term issue may become a chronic problem. In such cases, there are a number of effective natural remedies which can act on both a physical and psychological level, to aid recovery. Pulsatilla is effective if separation anxiety is a cause, while Phosphorus helps children who are afraid of the dark and experiencing nightmares. Verbascum can be used in obstinate cases and for teens. All these remedies work towards reducing and ultimately making bedwetting a thing of the past!

For professional advice, information and remedies contact your local registered homeopath, Daniela Karsten, RS. Hom. Dip Hom ACH,

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