Back to school

September 18

Back to School

Every year ‘back to school’ uniform and equipment appears in the shops before the end of July.  And yes, we all plan to be organised  and ready for the start of school in September but for many of us it will be a last minute rush.  Let’s hope our children haven’t grown too much and we can get a few more weeks out of the summer uniform!

The new academic year can be full of hope and good intentions but often there is an element of anxiety too. Here are a few timely reminders for September as we get back into routine again:

  • Help or encourage your child to pack everything they need the night before.  Last minute panics in the morning increase anxiety
  • If your child expresses a concern encourage them to talk about it – what is the worst that could possibly happen? Who would you go to for help?  Help your child to focus on a solution rather than the problem
  • If there is a genuine problem at school encourage independence and advise your child to tell a trusted adult at school.  
  • ϖ At home time, don’t quiz your child about any negatives of the day, focus on the positives – there will be many!
  • ϖ Make time for homework.  Straight after school may not be the best time for some children – they may need some ‘down time’.  Negotiate when the best time would be  – and stick with it
  • Put names on everything! 
  • Shoes with Velcro may be better for young children who can’t yet do laces or buckles
  • Make sure there is a smile on YOUR face every day – even if you do miss them!


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