An unexpected item has appeared in the bagging area!

January 19

With Christmas over for another year, we can enjoy the brief January sales (usually long before the end of December), swiftly followed by shops filled with Valentine cards and Easter Eggs.  With our Christmas food cupboard depleted, we take to our trolleys and shopping baskets once again.  

How our little ones protest at the mere mention of more shopping! How do we survive the weekly shop?  Do you become a somewhat flustered mum retrieving ‘unexpected items’ from the bagging area which your young helper failed to scan while a very long and impatient queue forms behind?

Chances are, children will not enjoy the weekly shopping trip unless there is something in it for them.  This usually involves a somewhat unhealthy and/or expensive treat.  So, perhaps consider one of the following instead: 

  • If possible, try to organise your shopping trip while your child is at school or when they can be cared for at home by a responsible person.
  • If you have time,  pre-order online.  This often has the added benefit of reducing costs too!
  • If you absolutely have to pick up something, try to do so just before school pick up, rather than after.  The last thing your child wants at the end of the school day is to drag round the supermarket.
  • If you have no choice but to tackle the shopping with your child, try to choose a time when they (and you!) are not tired. Make a list and identify some items your child will be able to find and reach easily.  Even better, plan a menu or some baking and involve your child in shopping for the ingredients.  Have clear expectations about what your child is to do while you are at the check out.
  • Remind all family members that ‘shopping’ doesn’t end with loading the bags into the car; it needs to be put away too! 
  • Finally, finances permitting, sneak a little something into the trolley for yourself too.  When all is quiet, put your feet up and enjoy.

Family life can be challenging at times and relationships can become strained.  Look out for our parent workshops coming soon:  “Teen Stress and Exams” and  “Improving Family Relationships” .  If you would like to registering your interest in these workshops  please contact us  via or  01279 696842      



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