Academic Families - hosting?

September 18

International Connections

Is your home welcoming and supportive? Do you have an international perspective? Would you like to earn £ from your spare room?

We are looking for warm caring families with a spare room.  You will be carefully matched with a boarding school child with similar interests to yours and whose family and home are overseas.  You will be fully supported by the friendly team at Academic Families (AEGIS accredited guardian), who make all the arrangements, quickly resolve any concerns you might have and are responsible at all times.  Expenses are reimbursed including a nightly allowance so you won’t be out of pocket.

Supporting an international child settle into boarding school life, British culture and possibly hosting them for short periods can be very enriching, fulfilling and fun!  Inviting a child to your family is only the beginning and before you know it, you will have family links and invitations all around the world. What could be a better preparation for your own children in our increasingly global world?  

Contact Academic Families ( to find out if hosting is for you. 020 34 750 750



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