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Spring 2020

Spring 2020

February 20


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Solace for the Worrysauruses in your house

Solace for the Worrysauruses in your house

March 20

Reading together can be very comforting and reassuring in a time of anxiety and uncertainty. If you and your children have got out of the habit of it, try reintroducing it. Pick up an old favourite story, cuddle up together, and begin.


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Free Celebrity Classes for kids in Lockdown

Monday, 30 March to Monday, 31 May

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Audley End Miniature Railway opening

Saturday, 04 July to Sunday, 06 September

At Audley End Miniature Railway we're gearing up to reopen on 4th July. Our elves and fairies are socially distancing, our teddies are clad with visors - all appropriate measures in place to allow visiting families a safe and no doubt much needed day out, to let off some steam in the great outdoors.

We have a new one way system through our attraction, new al fresco picnic cafe (complete with 2m serving lazy suzy serving table, and take away dinners you can pick up on your way out), new outdoor wash basins - see full release attached. We’re planning to remain open throughout the summer till 7th September.

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Salad Days likes to publish as many events as possible which children might enjoy or that are relevant to young children. If you have an event you would like included fill in the details on the "contact" page - see top menu bar

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